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[TowerTalk] Digging the hole...after the "dig"

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Digging the hole...after the "dig"
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Date: Thu Feb 20 14:07:40 2003
   Its very common for us around here to pour the concrete "in the hole", 
using the hole itself as the mixing container. Of course the amount of 
rebar/cage construction will play a big part in that scenario. Just fill the 
hole partway with water, add sacrete, and mix well, and then repeat.  In a 
lot of cases it sure beats using a wheelbarrow and/or a big tub. You just 
need to be careful about loosening excess dirt etc during the mixing process. 
Its also very common to just pour "dry" sacrete around posts for fences, or 
support columns for sheds etc, and in a few days the sacrete has set up 
solidly  just from the moisture in the ground even tho no water was added. 
Its the same process as having a partially open bag of the mix harden and 
become unuseable just from the moisture in the air, but a lot faster.
   Hope this helps....Good luck
   Bob  '4t
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