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[TowerTalk] Digging the hole...after the "dig"

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Digging the hole...after the "dig"
From: (dan bookwalter)
Date: Thu Feb 20 16:24:50 2003
In checking here in Mansfield Ohio i found that it was
cheapier and MUCH less strenuous to have the concrete
brought in for a "BIG" pour... a 4x4x6 hole is 96 cu
ft... the 80lb back of concrete is 2/3 cu ft which
works out to lifting , dumping , mixing and dumping it
in the hole 146 times... you surely will not get a
good pour that way plus your back ,arms and legs will
hate you... having the concrete delivered assures a
good mix and pour with much less work and about the
same amount of money...

--- wrote:
> In a message dated 2/20/03 7:46:41 PM Greenwich
> Standard Time, 
> writes:
> << Be careful, as what you propose is not
> "construction grade" concrete
>  intended for structural applications.  SACRETE +
> WATER = post hole filler,
>  also okay for sidewalks, lawn trim, etc.  Not okay
> to support a 2000 lb
>  tower in 70mph winds. -WB2WIK/6
>   >>
> The local Home Depot carries bag mix that produces
> 3000 psi.....if you mix it 
> the right way.  3000 psi should be sufficient for
> almost any TowerTalkian.  
> 3000 psi even makes the hurricane sensitive, anal
> building departments in FL 
> happy.
> Bill K4XS
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