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Subject: [TowerTalk] Sandy Soil ???
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Date: Sat Feb 22 11:08:38 2003
. . . just make sure he runs the calculations *before* using the beer!


Jim, W3WV

"It really depends on how our nation conducts itself in foreign policy.  If 
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Jim Wilcox
> In a message dated 2/21/03 5:22:14 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
> writes:
> > Is soil with a high sand content any problem for tower base installation???
>     Yes - it doesn't have the loadbearing capacity of other 'soils'. 
> >  If so, what is recommended?
>     Typically you'll have to have your concrete be more able to bear the 
> overturning and other forces which means you should have an engineer design 
> the base for you. You can find a Volunteer Consulting Engineer (VCE) for your 
> state at the ARRL website. Or buy one of your engineering-type buddies a case 
> of beer to run the calcs.
> Cheers,
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