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[TowerTalk] Digging the hole...after the "dig"

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Digging the hole...after the "dig"
From: (Bill Coleman)
Date: Sat Feb 22 17:05:15 2003
On 2/20/03 2:34 PM, Jim Lux at wrote:

>If you had to get a building permit for the tower base, it's unlikely that 
>the "mix in the hole" approach will meet the inspector's approval. Not 
>enough process control to ensure that the structural properties of the 
>concrete are what they need to be.  You might be able to "massively 
>overdesign" to get around this.

Instead, I suggest he rent a small mixer from your local home improvement 

Mine cost $40/day, and I mixed 28 bags of sacrete in a little over 2 
hours. (two 60 lb bags at a time).

I can't imagine doing that with a wheelbarrow....

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