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[TowerTalk] Digging the hole

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Digging the hole
From: (Dino Darling)
Date: Sun Feb 23 19:50:08 2003
George, I saw Angela sitting on your tower in one of the pictures!  You are 
a LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY MAN!!!!  The tower is beautiful too! :-)

At 02:44 AM 02/23/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>I installed a W51 last fall. Doug a hole 4X4X6 feet. First foot in clay, 
>then 3 feet of sand. Took 3 days at 3/4 hours per day (I'm 46 with back 
>issues). I used plywood in "channels" to prevent cave-in. As I dug the 
>hole, the plywood dropped down on it own. preventing any problems.  After 
>I got to six feet, I had to YELL for my son to get his attention, so he 
>could bring me a ladder. I dug myself into the hole. He just laughed and 
>walked away, he was kidding around. Then he tossed small handfulls of dirt 
>at me (now this was getting old fast!). He was 13. He also helped me put a 
>quad on it.... a great kid. Anyway, For GOV'T issues, make sure you 
>document the depth of the hole by having someone take a picture of you in 
>the hole using a measuring tape. Put your finger at the six foot mark to 
>prove the goal depth had been met. Aslo take pictures of the rebar cage 
>before and after it;s hung in the hole on the three 2X8 inch joists. There 
>are pictures of what I have done on "THE AM WINDOW" website...go to AB2KC 
>in the A-V... then  view 
>section  at  There are a 
>few pictures of the installation. I had a cement guy use a special 
>motorized cement "handtruck" that he rode on, from the truck at the 
>street... moving about 1/4 to 1/2 yards at a clip. As He dumped it in the 
>hole the rebar cage that was bolted to the 2X8s moved slightly. When he 
>was done dumping concrete, I used a level and POUNDED the cage to the 
>correct level (very hard to do). Anyway, the W51 supports a 3 element 20 
>meter quad with 3 elements on 15 and 4 elements on TEN, just slightly at 
>the overload limit. I keep it down when not in use, and watch for winds 
>over 35/40 MPH.
>George AB2KC 

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