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[TowerTalk] switching

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Subject: [TowerTalk] switching
From: (Scott Millick)
Date: Sun Feb 23 22:49:52 2003
I know this is a little off the subject but this group has a lot of answers.

I have two operating positions  one for my DX station on the first floor of 
the house and my AM and tube rigs in the basement. I have a alpha delta AB 
switch that I can put to either operating position and two AMertron antenna 
switchers that by throwing the ground rom above or below I can select 
whatever antenna I want at that time

I have the Yaesu GS800DXA rotor and am buying another head and want to be 
able to control the antenna from either place  Yaesu says it will work as 
when the antenna control is switched the head will go where the rotor is at 
as far as the indicator  I hope they are right

No the question  I need a 6 wire switching unit  I could do it with old 
octogon tube sockets or trailer sockets and just change over when I do the 
other switches which would work.  Is there a better way or something made 
that would switch the wires remembering that there is some amperage with 
the rotor motor.

Just looking for another better way and sometimes there is one
Thanks K9SM

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