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Date: Mon Feb 24 02:36:19 2003
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> Anyone know what it takes to get equipment installed on cell towers or other
>  towers?  

    Cell tower owners almost NEVER share their tower. There are some 
co-location sites but lots of times you see several cell towers next to each 

    Non-cell towers are different. Some are dedicated (i.e. ATT long-lines) 
but others rent space. The trick is finding out who the tower belongs to and 
getting in touch with them. 

>  Licenses?  Certifications?

    You may need licenses for your transmitting equipment. There's some 
spread spectrum stuff being sold that doesn't require licensing. 
>  Looking to get some equipment installed on some towers in Miami, FL.  Some
>  are buildings which I can do, and some are towers.
    Other than an FCC license if necessary, that's about it. There's no 
building permit for this kind of thing.

>  If you know how I can get this done - subcontracted, etc., please drop me a
>  line.

    What part do you want done - the licensing or the installation or both? 
There are some tower service companies in your area I'm sure. Just contact 
one of them to get started. They might also have some of the information 
you're looking for as well. 

Steve     K7LXC
Professional tower services for commercial and amateur 
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