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Subject: [TowerTalk] Equipment Installations on towers...
From: (Scott Townley)
Date: Mon Feb 24 11:10:00 2003
In the United States the majority of "larger carriers" have sold the leasing 
rights to their towers to one of a few "tower companies", e.g., 
American Tower
Sprint in particular has a subsidiary called

THEY, not the carriers, have the "keys to the house".  That isn't to say the 
carriers have no say, but the business end of it would go to one of the 
above-listed companies.

All of the tower companies have comprehensive web sites with location lookups, 
and sometimes details too (tower height, AMSL, etc.).

Or, if you have a specific location in mind, by law there must be a "Tower ID" 
placard prominently displayed.  It will look kind of cryptic like "NOTICE:  
AZ1006523" or something like that (it may be direct too, it depends on the 
company).  That would greatly aid in identifying the specific asset you're 
interested in.

The main concerns of the tower company (and the existent carriers, of course) is
1. interference
2. grounding

So be prepared to do a professional-level installation...just-good-enough isn't.

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> Date: 2003/02/24 Mon AM 08:48:52 EST
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> Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Equipment Installations on towers...
> > > Anyone know what it takes to get equipment installed on cell towers or
> other
> > >  towers?
> >
> >     Cell tower owners almost NEVER share their tower. There are some
> > co-location sites but lots of times you see several cell towers next to
> each
> Many communities now give cell tower permission  approval with the
> requirement that they be shared when possible.
> This is becoming the norm rather than exception in several parts of the
> country.
> Contact the appropriate city or county department for details.
> Geoff
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