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[TowerTalk] Equipment Installations on towers...

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Equipment Installations on towers...
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Date: Mon Feb 24 11:32:13 2003
All towers don't have to display the FCC tower ID.  Just those requiring FCC 
registration, i.e. over 200ft or other reasons it would have to be registered 
with the FAA.
Dwayne, KG4ADM

> Or, if you have a specific location in mind, by law there must be a "Tower 
> ID" placard prominently displayed.  It will look kind of cryptic like 
> "NOTICE:  AZ1006523" or something like that (it may be direct too, it 
> depends on the company).  That would greatly aid in identifying the 
> specific asset you're interested in.

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