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[TowerTalk] Could this happen to you

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Could this happen to you
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Date: Wed Feb 26 09:50:51 2003
what is amazing is how well the tower apparently survived.  i would be very 
worried about weakening of joints and would carefully inspect all bolts and 
the legs for damage.  

as for guying with screw anchors, i know a civil engineer who swears by them.  
i took down a rohn 25 120' tower he guyed with screw anchors.  he used 2 
anchors on each side with (if i remember right) the bottom 2 guys to the inner 
anchor and the top 2 to the outer anchor.  personnally i won't use screw 
anchors for anything over about 50'.

looking at his pictures of the 'fix' i would still be worried.  the augered 
holes still don't look like they are big enough to meet the manufacturers 
specs for that size tower.  and with the history of soil problems i would have 
over sized them above the specs.

> The link below is why I never use screw anchors.  Check the pictures...very 
> interesting.
> Bill K4XS

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