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[TowerTalk] Screw In Guy Anchors

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Screw In Guy Anchors
From: (K4JA Paul)
Date: Wed Feb 26 10:34:55 2003
Hello All

K4XS,W2UP and K1TTT all had very good points.  I think most hams think of
screw in anchors that are do it yourself stuff.  I am using numerious screw
in anchor for my 80M 4sq and my 160M 4 sqaure.

My 160M 4 square is ROHN 35 or Motorala tower 130' each.  I use AB Chance
dual blade screw in anchors.  There are 2 blades one 10" and one 12" per
anchor.  The Rod is 1.5" SOLID square steel. They weigh close to 100 Lbs
each.  They are screwed in by a machine and the installers have a device to
monitor torgue.  The were all smiles when we put them in. If I remember
correctly we put in the 12 acnhors for around $2000 or so.  Not for the
faint at heart but they will be easy to remove when the day comes.  They
have been up in all the same or worse storms that they failure have

A side note my big towers have 90 yards of concrete in base and anchors.
Had I gotten together with the AB Chance folks earlier I would have
considered some of the big screw in anchors, probably two per direction as
K1TTT suggested.

73 Paul

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