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[TowerTalk] Clever Solution for moving a tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Clever Solution for moving a tower
From: (VR2BrettGraham)
Date: Wed Feb 26 11:34:19 2003
Although not quite as heavy as an MA-550, I recently moved a crank-up
tower with a nested length of ~8.3m with a 2.something tonne Mazda flat bed 

A 2.something tonne Mazda flat bed lorry is not much bigger than a US mid-sized
pick up truck - if at all.

Like the 5.5 tonne Isuzu that first moved this tower, the back is not enclosed
& the cab has a light frame immediately behind it on which the tower can
rest - no overhang to the rear... just heave it up there & lash it down.

I would be concerned about much weight up too high, but then again I don't
recall there being too many bends on I-5 between Portland & Seattle... not to
mention that the kerb weight of a typical US pick up truck is probably more
than the maximum GVW of the Mazda.

Just beware the state constabulary in the vicinity of Kelso.  ;^)

73, BW2/VR2BrettGraham

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