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[TowerTalk] earth anchors & screw-in anchors

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Subject: [TowerTalk] earth anchors & screw-in anchors
From: (Courtney Judd)
Date: Wed Feb 26 20:02:08 2003
I live in the Black Belt of West Central Alabama.. it actually is the
ancient shoreline of the ocean millions of years ago. It is very heavy clay
with a limestone base. Top soil varies from one to 15 feet above the
limestone layer (900' thick). If you go through a real dry spell; the ground
cracks wide open extending a long way down. Some heavy sudden rains and big
wind: presto anchors, concrete or what ever comes out of the ground. After
several occasions of this ; I finally found the answer. The local power
company use 11 foot rods with clam shells on the end. They bore a 10 foot
hole, drop the rod in and smack the clam shell with a long pipe to open it,
and then back fill. This is permanate.  Getting them to do it is another
story but they have been more than cooperative with me. NO problems since it
went with this system! My 2 cents 73's Cort

Courtney Judd K4WI/NA4W
2300 County Road 61
Uniontown, Al. 36786
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