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Subject: [TowerTalk] help me make a decision
From: (k1my)
Date: Thu Feb 27 13:44:52 2003
This antenna will go on a 70 foot tower. It is the prime WARC beam for my
station and is a backup for my large tribander that is at 100 feet. I do not
operate on 6 meters. I have narrowed the choice down to a Tennadyne Log
Periodic (T10) & the 3 element SteppIR

                              T10                              SteppIR

coverage                 13 - 33 mHz               14 - 52 mHz
boom length             24 ft                           16 ft
claimed gain             6.1 dBd                      4.9 - 6.3 dBd
HPBW                     52 degrees                  29 - 34 degrees
FB ratio                    15 - 25 dB                  15 - 42 dB
weight                       49 lb                           42 lb
wind area                  10.1 sq ft                      6 sq ft
max SWR                 1.7 : 1                         1 : 1
moving parts?             no                              yes
electrically reversible?  no                             yes

Forget price for the moment.

Both cover the bands that I am interested in.
Gain appears to be similar - it is a function of boom length - correct?
HPBW is less on SteppIR but how do they do that with a shorter boom?
FB is claimed better on SteppIR
SteppIR's claim to fame is a 1 : 1 SWR at all frequencies. What does a flat
SWR at 1 : 1 give me in the real world? More watts transferred to antenna?
Is this a stronger signal at the DX stations QTH? Or what?
The SteppIR has moving parts but I have not heard an outcry that they are
not reliable.
I am a DXer and sometime contester.
Which one do I choose?

Thanks in advance ....

73, Bruce K1MY

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