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[TowerTalk] help me make a decision

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Subject: [TowerTalk] help me make a decision
From: (k1my)
Date: Thu Feb 27 18:17:24 2003
I all ready have KT36XA's at 100 feet, 75 feet and 50 feet and there is no 3
element short boom antenna that is going to beat all of those. I agree Pete.
This is a back up tribander in case the rotor on the top KLM stops working.
It's use is primarily for WARC bands.

And yes my elevation is 7,000 above sea level so the effects of UV are
important. I know that I can get a sun burn in 15 minutes, believe me.

73, Bruce K1MY
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> At 05:36 PM 2/27/03 -0400, Carl Smidt wrote:
> >Go for the SteppIR at 70 feet and it will out do your large tri-bander at
> >100 feet, no contest.
> Whoah there.  There are way too many variables in the equation to make
> a categorical statement. Take-off angle, target area, band, all need to be
> taken into account.  The SteppIR at 70 feet will make a fine WARC antenna,
> no doubt, as would the T-10.  The big tribander at 100 ft (KT-36XA,
> will beat it into Europe from Arizona most of the time, though.
> I guess I'd be a little concerned if I was running a fussy amp into the
> T-10, because there are frequencies where its SWR is relatively high.  On
> the other hand, I don't think anyone yet knows enough about the long-term
> durability of the SteppIR in high sun, high-temperature environments like
> Bruce's.  I dunno if Bruce is thinking of it also as a second radio
> for contesting, in which case the retune time *might* be an issue.
> 73, Pete N4ZR
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