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[TowerTalk] Phillystrand Pricing?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Phillystrand Pricing?
From: (Cliff Bond)
Date: Sat Mar 1 17:54:16 2003
I recently got the best price on about 2500' from Burghardt Amateur Center
(I dealt with Michelle who was very helpful).  The order also included
several tower sections, thrust bearings, accessory-plates and alot of other
Rohn accessories and several rolls of EHS steel guy wire plus several rolls
of rotor cable.  I think I got about the same price on the Phillystran from
Texas Tower, but they would not quote me a firm freight cost or ship with
freight pre-paid.   They would only ship collect with no firm quote.  I have
fought that battle before - when the freight company has a blank check (i.e.
collect) things never seem to arrive at the same price they started out at.
Michelle at Burghardt was extremely helpful and they followed through
perfectly.  The Texas Tower folks were pretty rude, especially when I told
them the order had to be either shipped pre-paid or with a firm quote,
including shipping.  If the order is for Phillystran only its very light and
should be able to go UPS so the truck shipping may not be an issue.


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Subject: [TowerTalk] Phillystrand Pricing?

> Where is the best place for service / costs in purchasing phillystrand?
> Thanks...
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