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[TowerTalk] screw-in guy anchors, was Could this happen to you

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Subject: [TowerTalk] screw-in guy anchors, was Could this happen to you
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Date: Mon Mar 3 20:10:29 2003
When I originally posted the link to the unfortunate guy with the tower, I 
posted it as an item of general interest to anyone with a tower.  I was 
surprised to see how long the thread became.

I want to throw an addtional two cents worth in.  I have three 200 foot 
towers and most of you on the reflector have towers ranging from ten feet to 
200 feet.  Aside from the aesthetics aspect, most non-hams do not want a 
tower next to their property for safety reasons.  They are afraid that the 
tower will fall over on their home.

Think about it for a moment.  How many installations do you know about in 
your area that are less than safe?  Not your own of course, but surely 
someone in town has one.  Assuming you climb, would you be willing to climb 
anyone's tower in your club or town...probably not.  I know I wouldn't.  I 
have personally seen or heard hams supposedly knowledgeable about towers use 
some really unsafe designs such as the guy with the screw anchors on the 150 
footer.  How many freestanding towers sitting in a yard of concrete, or 50 
foot tower bases just stuck in the ground with no concrete do you know about? 
 How many Rohn 25 installations are just house bracketed to the fascia boards 
(a poor way to do it)?  The answer is Florida.

It is really amazing that there aren't more events like the one this thread 
has been about.

Bill K4XS
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