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[TowerTalk] 80m vertical-array questions

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 80m vertical-array questions
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Date: Tue Mar 4 07:57:25 2003
Hello everybody,

Beginning of spring starts thinking of antenna improvement for 80m.
I?m living in the flat north of DL and my backyard is an empty grasfield,
around 40m x 40m or 130ft x 130ft, so very good for a radial system. 
No problem to set up a lambda/4 vertical for 80m with the ultimate numbers
of radials (Only a question of time for the km or miles of laying wires...).
But, is it possible to put an array on it ?
I mean, the backyard is not large enough for the needed radial-lengths for
an array.
Will I get the extra performance from that array with limited radials,
compared to one vertical with nearly perfect radial-system ?
Next question, which array (2, 3 or 4) and which distances between the
elements could work on that limited backyard ?
Btw., the property is larger, but blocked with my house. It?s possible to
lay down some extra, longer radials in direction W and SW.
Has anybody tried another form of a 4-array, a kind of "Mercedes"-star, one
vertical in the middle and 3 others around, separated 120 degrees and spaced
lambda/8 from the center ?
I found nothing everywhere about this constellation.
Yes, the ON4UN-handbook is on my side, of course...

Many thanks for answers and 73 de Andr?   DF9OX

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