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[TowerTalk] screw-in guy anchors, was Could this happen to you

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Subject: [TowerTalk] screw-in guy anchors, was Could this happen to you
From: (Richard M. Gillingham)
Date: Tue Mar 4 12:42:40 2003
BTW, Has anybody actually contacted this guy to advise him of the error(s)
of his ways??

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] screw-in guy anchors, was Could this happen to you

> on 3/4/03 10:39 AM, at wrote:
> > Beating up on people almost never works nearly as well as treating them
as if
> > they are doing the best they can at the time; after all, they are.
> > you?  Even when *you* do "dumb things?"
> Beating up on people doesn't work unless they willfully do the same thing
> after being instructed properly.
> However, treating them as though they are doing their best all the time is
> recipe for failure as well.  I always expect people to be able to do
> than they do.  I think that not properly consulting engineering manuals
> not properly examining forces and loads before putting up a tower is NOT
> doing your best.  It's called making short cuts.  I don't think he was
> putting forth his best effort when he put that tower up.  Nothing can
> convince me otherwise.  Not thinking and using cheap hardware is NOT doing
> your best.  One has to be careful when putting up something that you can
> killed or kill someone else with.  There is NO excuse for not getting
> properly educated.
> That said, calling him a dumb a** won't help.  Giving him a little
> and elmering will.  However, I'm afraid he still hasn't learned his lesson
> as he is using the same anchors and the same turnbuckles.  Next time, it
> won't be saturated soil, but perhaps a tornado or other strong wind that
> will cause his hardware to fail.  The amount of forces on a 150 tower are
> big.  Look at the Rohn spec sheets.  I have bigger hardware than he does
> my 53 footer.
> And this guy has a link on his web page on tower safety!  Come on.  If he
> goes through the trouble to talk about tower safety on his web page, he
> could have read up and asked questions about the sort of hardware to use.
> We have to be honest with people when they do dumb things, but nicely.
> clear that this guy put up his tower as an amateur radio operator in the
> true spirit of the word "amateur."  Lack of planning is not doing one's
> best.  I refuse to accept mediocrity in anyone.
> 73,
> Jon
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