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[TowerTalk] how vertical is vertical

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Subject: [TowerTalk] how vertical is vertical
From: (k1my)
Date: Tue Mar 4 18:02:48 2003
This is a question asked of me by one of our club members who is not 
subscribed. Reply to me and I'll pass it on.

73, Bruce K1MY


It's 150' of R55.  I'm in the process of plumbing before
installing antennas.  On a wind free day (infrequent here)
a plumb bob from the top to ground level is just a bit
less than 12" off indicating 89.6+ degrees vertical.
Is this acceptable iaw std practice or rule of thumb?
If not it's necessary to lengthen the guys at one anchor
and that involves unwrapping guy grips as the turnbuckles
are fully extended.  This is my first experience with a
properly engineered guyed tower.

See you Thursday.


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