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[TowerTalk] how vertical is vertical

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Subject: [TowerTalk] how vertical is vertical
From: (dan bookwalter)
Date: Wed Mar 5 08:21:11 2003
wait for a 
> moment with no wind, and voila.

in my experience once you get above the tree line the
wind NEVER stops... i was amazed the first time i
worked on a 100+ footer it was really calm on the
ground but around 70-80 ft it was 15-20mph
constantly... just drop a light rope from the top and
watch the arc down to just below the average tree line
where it comes back into the tower...

just my .02/experience...

--- Pete Smith <> wrote:
> At 11:02 PM 3/4/03 -0500, wrote:
> >With all that, I tend to over do things a bit so if
> I were putting up several
> >towers at once, or perhaps one big one (FWIW I
> define "big" as over 140 feet
> >for hams), I'd probably seek out a professional to
> sight them and get them
> >all perfect. I bet with a bit of poking around you
> can find someone who would
> >have the right gear and do it at a reasonable cost.
> I looked into this a bit
> >just to inform myself when I started building in
> NC. The rental cost on a
> >transit was not prohibitive given the cost of
> towers in general.
> Just for the sake of discussion, why couldn't you
> just make up a little 
> fixture that would hold the top end of a plumb bob
> contrivance, say 4 
> inches out from a tower leg and in plane with one
> side of the tower?  Make 
> up an identical fixture for the bottom to serve as a
> target, wait for a 
> moment with no wind, and voila.
> It seems like something like this could even be used
> as you added each guy 
> set during the tower building process.
> 73, Pete N4ZR
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