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[TowerTalk] vertical dipole for 3.8 MHZ

To: <>
Subject: [TowerTalk] vertical dipole for 3.8 MHZ
From: (Van Fair)
Date: Thu Mar 6 12:57:21 2003
Anyone have any experience with a vertical dipole for 75 meters.  I can hang a 
vertical wire off my tower from 66 feet and feed it at any point. The problem 
is that this is too short on 3.8 MHZ.  I can put an extra 28 or so feet 
horizontally at the top and bottom in a Z or C arrangement to make it a full 
half wave but is there a better way? I would prefer to feed with coax and a 
balun.  Ground wires are out of the question so if I am to have a vertical I 
think it probably must be a dipole.   Would a short dipole with loading coils 
in each side suspended vertically be any better than one with partially 
horizontal elements. ANY THOUGHTS??
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