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[TowerTalk] Drilling into a concrete slab

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Drilling into a concrete slab
From: (David Vondrasek)
Date: Thu Mar 6 18:49:11 2003
At 05:59 PM 3/6/2003 -0500, Jim White, K4OJ wrote:
>Your home center's tool rental division should have what you 
>backwards from the hole size on the plate - it it is a little bigger 
>than 1/2" you need 1/2" anchoring...tyipically this is down with a 
>threaded rod - usually available from a nut and bolt house like a "House 
>of Threads" or "East Armpit Bolt & Screw" etc... they will also sell the 
>adhesive to set the bolts..

You can also get these at Home Depot and Lowes.. I bought mine there.
1/2" anchors and bolts and had to rent a drill hammer and a 3/4" <?>
Bit to fit the anchors..  Took 15 minutes to frill 5 holes in the slab.

The drill cost me $22 for 3 hours from the local rent all.


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