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[TowerTalk] Drilling into a concrete slab

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Drilling into a concrete slab
From: (Jim Lux)
Date: Thu Mar 6 19:03:31 2003
You really, really need to talk to the local building dept or to a local
structural engineer who knows your local rules.

"chemical anchors" are really nifty, but there are all sorts of rules, etc.
that vary somewhat.  There are legitimate concerns about things like
cleaning the borehole out, mixing the epoxy, temperatures, etc.

Unlike casting an anchor into concrete, where there is 100 years of industry
experience (with some failures) to draw on, glued in anchors are a bit
newer, so there's a bit higher "confidence hurdle" to meet.

Since you're doing it in connection with a university, there's probably
someone in the Civil Engineering department with the required expertise
and/or in the university facilities department.

There's also some practical issues with drilling the slab (i.e. you don't
want to hit the rebar with your masonry bit!).

All in all though, it works just fine if you follow the appropriate
procedure, you just need to find out what that procedure is.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Drilling into a concrete slab

>      I am helping a university ham radio club with a tower installation
> on an already-poured level concrete slab.  It will probably be a 40' Rohn
> 45G tower bracketed once at about 20'.  We would like to put three or four
> bolts in the slab and drill holes in a Rohn 45G base plate to match.
>      Can someone recommend a particular concrete anchor bolt and
> cement/epoxy/whatever product?
>      What needs to be done to drill the holes properly?  What kind of
> drill and bit are needed, how do you keep the hole vertical, etc?
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