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Date: Sun Mar 9 16:52:53 2003
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> Hello,
> Does anyone know much about the Pirod freestanding tower line? Ive never 
> seen 
> them to see how they are built. Anyone with experience out there on this 
> tower? Thanks and 73
> Mark


Pirod has been doing towers in the commercial/industrial market for years. 
They are a very well respected company and have engineered many large 
projects. Before I moved to AZ I was a consultant in MI on a statewide 
digital trunked radio/microwave system that utilized 183 of their towers and 
most were freestanding from 250-485 feet tall.

You don't see many of them in the ham scene since they are, by most ham 
standards, probably cost prohibitive. I do know that K8RR has a 100 foot 
freestanding Pirod he uses in Upper MI.

73,Bob K8IA
Mesa, Arizona USA
near the Superstition Mtns
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