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[TowerTalk] pirod towers

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Subject: [TowerTalk] pirod towers
Date: Sun Mar 9 21:27:08 2003
Hello all...

I don't own any Pirod towes; mine are all Rohn 25G
or 45G and are supported by guy wires. But I do
know of a "nearby" ham that does own one.

>From what I've found out by talking to him about his
tower, you're going to need a few things, if you're
considering one of these...

1) A lot of money with which to purchase the tower

2) The services of an engineer to provide a detailed
plan for the installation requirements, etc.

3) A professional tower rigger that has the use of
a crane for the installation

Pirod towers are definitely NOT the "do-it-yourself"
products as are the various other brands of towers
that are currently on the market. They are designed
mainly for commercial installations; not for ham
radio applications.

73 de Brad, N9EN @ Radio Free Roscoe (IL)...
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Subject: [TowerTalk] pirod towers

> Hello,
> Does anyone know much about the Pirod freestanding tower line? Ive never seen
> them to see how they are built. Anyone with experience out there on this
> tower? Thanks and 73
> Mark
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