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[TowerTalk] Feedthrough Panel Question

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Feedthrough Panel Question
From: (ted demopoulos)
Date: Tue Mar 11 15:38:22 2003
Gentleman and ladies.
A few quick feedthrough panel questions a quick look thru the archives 
didn't answer

1) I'll be using an Aluminun Plate - how thick?? It'll go thru the wall to 
the unheated garage. Shack above and heated. It'll hold maybe 32 UHF type 

2) How far apart can i put the UHF type feedthroughs? I've got from RG-213 
to 7/8" hardline, and might even be using some 1 5/8" hardline if the 
(surplus) price is right later.

3) should I just mount it vertically?? My contracter and friend thinks maybe 
at an angle sloping towards the ground. (this is part of through the shack 
out of the house project of my XYLs, so there is all kinds of ongoing 

4) And should I just weather seal the otherside connectors? Considering 
building some type of sheet metal weatherproof cover, or is that total 

thanks and 73
KT1V ex KR1G

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