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[TowerTalk] Feedthrough Panel Question

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Feedthrough Panel Question
From: (Jim Lux)
Date: Tue Mar 11 16:26:35 2003
>1) I'll be using an Aluminun Plate - how thick?? It'll go thru the wall to 
>the unheated garage. Shack above and heated. It'll hold maybe 32 UHF type 

What are you bolting it to? If you're bolting it to something that has some 
stiffness (i.e. angle or channel iron/alum), then it can be pretty 
thin.  .062 (1/16") might be fine... 1/8" is pretty stiff.

>2) How far apart can i put the UHF type feedthroughs? I've got from RG-213 
>to 7/8" hardline, and might even be using some 1 5/8" hardline if the 
>(surplus) price is right later.

make them far enough apart that you can get your fingers/hand around the 
connector to unscrew them! I once put BNCs on 3/4" centers.. they fit, but 
big mistake.

>3) should I just mount it vertically?? My contracter and friend thinks 
>maybe at an angle sloping towards the ground. (this is part of through the 
>shack out of the house project of my XYLs, so there is all kinds of 
>ongoing construction)

I'd think an angle sloping out at the top, or vertical, so that water 
doesn't want to sit on the surface and leak through.

>4) And should I just weather seal the otherside connectors? Considering 
>building some type of sheet metal weatherproof cover, or is that total 

Consider getting a cheap electrical panel box (which has a "weatherproof" 
folding lid) and cutting out the back to bolt the feedthrough panel into. 
You can cut the bottom out to give a place for the cables to go.  Pick the 
right size panel and it will neatly fit inbetween the studs.  There are 
purpose made things like this which are designed to hold a wood panel about 
2" back from the front surface, with a door, etc. (used for the phone line 
entrance.. they mount the customer demarcation jack on the wood).

The standard electrical breaker panel (sans breakers) is very cheap at 
places like Home Depot (due to huge quantities being made/sold). Just rip 
out the back with a power saw, leaving a suitable lip to bolt your aluminum 
panel to.

They also make these things with a nice trim fascia on one side that can 
cover up the somewhat rough edges you cut in the side of your house.

>thanks and 73
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