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Date: Thu Mar 13 00:58:00 2003
If there permitting 140MPH its not because its built better,but someone swears 
it is.Thats the easy part

            J PATRICK KG4VBR
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> Date: 2003/03/12 Wed PM 09:14:41 EST
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> Subject: Re: Re: [TowerTalk] Permits
> Well Fred so far I've got everything from piece of cake to lotsa luck.I can 
> tell you that each city in the county does it differently.In the city of 
> Oakland Park where I reside the following is needed.Structual permit 
> including a survey for location,foundation details,elevations,wind load 
> calc's for 140 mph!,and any other details such as guying or bracketing.An 
> electrical permit for the low voltage wiring(coax&rotor cable),and 
> grounding.It will also need to be approved by the Planning and zoning 
> board.It must also meet setbacks and anything else they may come up with.All 
> this just on a phone call!I can't wait to submit the plans.You can have a 
> meeting with P$Z before you submit to see if it may fly on there part.Of 
> course it still must be approved by structual and electrical plan review.Then 
> pass your inspections,get you certificate of completetion and your done.There 
> are some exceptions in the city's land development code.They are in the 
> definitions and state antenna excluding amatuer radio antennas,and 
> telecommunication tower excludung amatuer radio support structure.I'm sure 
> you have to call it this way and not a tower.Mind you this is all for a 25' 
> tower with a cushcraft MA5B mini beam and a 2 meter ringo on top.Total height 
> is 39' above grade.This sure doesn't sound like reasonably accommodation 
> stated in PRB-1.Which by the way is also a Florida state statute #'s125.561 
> and 166.0435.One more thing and I'm gonna stop cause this is making my head 
> hurt.I hold Standard Inspectors and plan review license's(I work in a 
> different city) from the state of Florida.Been an inspector for 5 years and a 
> chief for 4.You would think I could get through this with somewhat less 
> difficulty than someone with no permitting experience.And no one design's for 
> 140 MPH.You have to get a state of fl.registered PE to swear to god it does 
> and sign and seal the documents.There are alot of towers I mean amateur radio 
> support structures without permits.And I can see why.Well thats it for 
> now.I'm not sure what I will do next,but will keep you informed.So far no 
> info from anyone who as acctually permited one.By the way my wife says she'll 
> kill me if I submit this for a permit due to our earlier permit fiascos with 
> the roof,fence and interior remodel permits.So if I'm dead(and I may wish i 
> was after this just kidding)I'll have her e-mail you with the results.If you 
> put this in the book do I get a copy?Thanks for asking and listening will let 
> you know the next chapter.
>                            Thanks again
>                            J PATRICK KG4VBR> 
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> > Date: 2003/03/10 Mon PM 05:54:04 EST
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> > Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Permits
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> > On Mon, 10 Mar 2003 15:37:27 -0500 <> writes:
> > > Has anyone ever permited a tower in Broward County Fl.?Also when and 
> > > was it under the new Fl building code?Would like to hear your 
> > > experience's and problems.Thanks in advance.
> > > 
> > > 
> > >                             Joe KG4VBR
> > > 
> > 
> > As author of the ARRL book on Antenna Zoning (see,
> > I'd really appreciate it if you would send me a summary of what you get.
> > 
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