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[TowerTalk] City Ordinance -- re: Towers . Eureka, CA

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Subject: [TowerTalk] City Ordinance -- re: Towers . Eureka, CA
From: (Mark)
Date: Thu Mar 13 14:06:39 2003
Just an FYI .. from our municipal code... essentially, all that is
mentioned... 73, Mark   AA6DX

A)     Measurement.  The height of a structure shall be measured vertically
from the average elevation of the natural grade of the ground covered by the
structure to the highest point of the structure or to the coping of a flat
roof, to the deck line of a mansard roof, or to the mean height between
eaves and ridges for a hip, gable, or gambrel roof.  The height of a fence
or a wall used as a fence shall be measured from the higher finished grade
adjoining the fence or wall.

     (B)     Exceptions.  Towers, spires, cupolas, chimneys penthouses,
water tanks, flagpoles, monuments, scenery lofts, radio and television
aerials and antennas, transmission towers, fire towers, and similar
structures and necessary mechanical appurtenances covering not more than 10%
of the ground area covered by the structure may be erected to a height of
not more than 100 feet or not more than 25 feet above the height limit
prescribed by the regulations for the district in which the site is located,
whichever is less. Utility poles and towers shall not be subject to the
height limits prescribed in the district regulations.

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