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[TowerTalk] Moving a Tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Moving a Tower
From: (Michael Hatzakis, Jr)
Date: Thu Mar 13 22:09:44 2003
Hi all,

Just a quick and hearty thanks to all who responded to my question about moving 
a tower.  Your suggestions, ideas and photos were invaluable resource in 
planning this move.  

This last monday I moved the tower from Portland (300miles) and it went very 
smoothly.  I built a cradle to lay the tower in and rented a 24' truck with a 
hydrolic lift and had two heavy duty dollies.  It worked very well.  Anyone who 
would like photos of the operation, please let me know, would be happy to share 
my experiences in more detail.  I now have to sand down the finish a bit, 
repaint it and put it up.  I am very excited...!  The total cost of bringing it 
up here, including lumber and gas was still much less thanthe shipping cost 
from CA...!

Watch out 20 meters..!

Michael  K3MH


Michael Hatzakis, Jr MD 
Physiatrist, Treating Individuals with Neuromuscular Disabilities 
Consultant, Information Technology Based Health Care Solutions

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