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[TowerTalk] "Growing" a universal tower...`

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Subject: [TowerTalk] "Growing" a universal tower...`
From: (Louis Sica, Jr.)
Date: Sat Mar 15 20:04:02 2003
I currently have a Universal 16-50 (16 sq ft @ 80 MPH, 50 ft high) with
about 10 sq ft of antenna on top of it (Tennadyne T8 =8, plus 1 for mast,
plus 1 for coax/sloper/VHF vertical). My question is, without having to
replace the 26 inch bottom section with a larger 30 inch bottom section, is
there any way to add sections, to "grow" the existing tower and still have
it safely handle the 10 sq foot antenna load? YES, I know I'm ultimately
going to have to get engineering drawings done for the town (Universal does
not have any such tower pre-designed already), but I'm looking for some
general input to see if it's even worth the cost to get the drawings done in
the first place.

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