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[TowerTalk] Great circle bearing chart

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Great circle bearing chart
From: (N2TK, Tony)
Date: Mon Mar 17 06:05:58 2003
Hi Dan. Was looking for a one sheet of paper way of having the prefix and
beam heading. This way, if I don't have a program running or I am doing
something else, I have a quick reference.
Found it at K3RL's site. It's shareware called Beamhead.

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Great circle bearing chart

As far as I know all of the logging programs present all of that info.
I think there are some Shareware ones for free if too cheap to pay a
token amount for shareware.
I understand Shel W6EL quit doing his program due to all of the el
cheapo's sharing his propagation info. and costing him money to produce
it. This from him to me not gossip.
You all need to support the people that spend their time and effort to
produce programs to benefit the hobby.


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