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[TowerTalk] DeoxIT questions

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Subject: [TowerTalk] DeoxIT questions
From: (Rob Atkinson, K5UJ)
Date: Tue Mar 18 13:39:05 2003
Hi everyone:

I'm about to put together a yagi for 2 meters & want to do it right.  All 
you experts advise using DeoxIT on the aluminum contact points.  I have a 
few questions:  The Caig company vends DeoxIT applicators as an aerosol 
spray, wipes, pen applicator, syringe, brush, needle, and squeeze tube, and 
packages in bottles and drums.  Which package and application method do you 
prefer?  (I don't imagine you buy the 55 gal. drum hi.)  Do you order yours 
direct from Caig or some other supplier?  If not Caig, who is your vendor?  
Do you purchase a dilution, or 100% product?  Finally, do you use caig 
PreservIT as a sealant?  See below for product choices:

DeoxIT Container Sizes

Part No Type Size Specs Codes

D5S-6 Spray 200 ml   5% solution FS, SR
D5MS-15 Mini-spray 20 ml   5% solution FS, SR
DP5S-6 Pump spray 150 ml   25% solution NSS
DN5S-6 Spray 200 ml   5% solution NS, SR
D100S-2 Spray 75 ml   100% solution N*, SR
K-D100P Pen applicator 7 ml 100% solution N
K-D50W Wipes, 2x2" 50 ct. 100% solution N
D100L-2C Squeeze tube 2 ml 100% solution N
D100L-2DB Brush applicator 7.4 ml 100% solution N
D100L-12C Syringe applicator 12 ml 100% solution N
D100L-25C Needle applicator 25 ml 100% solution N
D100L-2 Bulk bottle 59 ml 100% solution N
D100L-8 Bulk bottle 236 ml 100% solution N
D100L-16 Bulk bottle 472 ml 100% solution N
D100L-32 Bulk bottle 944 ml 100% solution N
D100L-8G Bulk drum 8 gal. 100% solution N
D100L-55G Bulk drum 55 gal. 100% solution N
D5L-4 Bulk bottle 118 ml 5% solution FS, SR
D5L-32 Bulk container 944 ml 5% solution FS, SR
D5L-8G Bulk drum 8 gal. 5% solution FS, SR
D5L-55G Bulk drum 55 gal. 5% solution FS, SR
F = Flammable product
FS = Flammable solvent, slow evaporating (2 min.), safe on plastics.
N = Nonflammable, no evaporation, safe on plastics.  NS = Nonflammable 
solvent, fast evaporation (10 sec.), safe on most plastics.  NSS = 
Nonflammable solvent, very slow evaporation (days), safe on plastics.  SR = 
Shipping restrictions (HAZMAT). Added cost for shipping by air.
* Combustible

See for more information.


Rob Atkinson

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