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Date: Tue Mar 18 23:27:58 2003
In a message dated 3/18/03 10:44:08 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

> I'm about to put together a yagi for 2 meters & want to do it right.  All 
>  you experts advise using DeoxIT on the aluminum contact points.  I have a 
>  few questions:  The Caig company vends DeoxIT applicators as an aerosol 
>  spray, wipes, pen applicator, syringe, brush, needle, and squeeze tube, 
>  packages in bottles and drums.  Which package and application method do 
>  prefer?  (I don't imagine you buy the 55 gal. drum hi.)  Do you order 
>  direct from Caig or some other supplier?  If not Caig, who is your vendor? 
>  Do you purchase a dilution, or 100% product?  Finally, do you use caig 
>  PreservIT as a sealant?  See below for product choices:
>  DeoxIT Container Sizes
>  Part No Type Size Specs Codes

Hi, Rob --

    Are you an engineer? No need to over-think anti-oxidants. Just get one 
that's compatible with the materials you'll be working with and you'll be all 

    I guess my real question is where are you going to use an anti-oxidant on 
a 2M yagi? The one's I've seen have aluminum rod elements. Since you'd want 
to use an anti-oxidant where you have an electrical joint (like an HF beam 
element made of several telescoping sizes of aluminum tubing), there wouldn't 
much occasion to use anti-oxidant anywhere else except maybe at the 

Steve     K7LXC
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