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[TowerTalk] 40m 3 element yagi's

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 40m 3 element yagi's
From: (Pat Thurman)
Date: Wed Mar 19 02:03:08 2003
I'd like to second Dan's comments.  The Mag 340N is a great antenna!

Since I was sort of mentioned recently as having had some trouble tuning 
my Mag 340N, I just wanted to note that tuning was not difficult.  It 
*is* necessary to tune each element at 30 or 40 feet above the ground 
which is easy to do if you have a pulley and rope attached.  Up and down 
with each element, make an adjustment, up to check, then back down to 
await assembly on the boom.  I had to do final assembly in the air 
anyway, due to space restrictions in the yard so this was no hardship at 
all.   After final assembly, I found that the bandwidth was 280khz as 
advertised and with a very flat swr curve...

Performance?  Amazing like Dan says...  And you don't even need the 
mountain top.  (although that would be nice!!)

73, Pat  K7KR

Dan Levin wrote:

>The Mag 340N at N6NF went up the tower once, and tuned perfectly that first
>You must, no really - you must, tune each element by the book before
>assembling the complete antenna.
>That thing is an amazing antenna from a mountain top.  Huge signal.
>            ***dan, K6IF (VC1R in WPX SSB)

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