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[TowerTalk] Tilt over Rohn 25

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tilt over Rohn 25
From: (Lance)
Date: Wed Mar 19 18:49:19 2003
I have recently acquired some Rohn 25G sections which I plan to erect
soon.  I'm wondering if it would be of benefit to purchase the hinged base
plate to tilt the tower for antenna/rotor maintenance.  If so, what does the
group recommend as the maximum height to tilt such a tower?  I would
like the ability to tune, modify, etc, before mounting the antenna(s) on a
taller tower.

I'm getting anxious to get a few towers up.  I have moved from a location
directly across the street from a municipal airport where the maximum height
above ground for an antenna was 7.5 feet.  I'm now on 5+ acres, in the
with only the thickness of my wallet as the limit above ground.  I've
100 feet of Rohn 55G with all guys, base plate, top plate and guy arms; 9
of Rohn 25G, 6 sections of a Rohn-clone, a 30-foot hinge pole and a three
smaller towers.


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