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[TowerTalk] Help Wanted: 1st time 45g/55g installation

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Help Wanted: 1st time 45g/55g installation
From: (Dennis Brickey)
Date: Wed Mar 19 20:58:34 2003
Hi Guys,

Thanks for the bandwidth here!!  I am going to try to undertake the
installation of 100 feet of
45g and 100 feet of 55g.  This will be my first attempt and I need to locate
a source for the
proper instructions and guidance.  I am sure that Rohn has a publication,
but if anyone has
some first hand advice,  I would welcome it.  I am particularly interested
in the proper installation of
guy anchors.  I understand that strategically installed I-Beams make good
guy points.  The question
is " What is proper installation?"  Hey,  I'm sure this has been covered a
million times, but I'd
appreciate the guidance here.


Dennis N4DD

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