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[TowerTalk] Tilt over Rohn 25

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tilt over Rohn 25
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Date: Thu Mar 20 09:52:53 2003
In a message dated 3/19/03 7:03:40 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

> Same goes for the Rohn foldover.  A disaster waiting to happen....

    I totally agree. I've rarely seen a Rohn foldover that wasn't damaged at 
some point. 

    I keep reading about the "advantages" of tilting a tower over for rotator 
installation, etc. (including the Hazer and other methods of bringing the 
antenna system closer to the ground).  If everything is installed correctly 
the first time, there's no reason that anything would have to be done for 
years. The first failure mode is typically the rotator so you plan on a 
rotator swap every 8-10 years or so. IMO the increase in mechanical 
complexity and potential hazards introduced (including removing the guy wires 
for the Hazer - shudder!) do not justify the perceived access to the top of 
the tower. YMMV.

Steve    K7LXC
Professional tower services for commercial and amateur
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