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Subject: [TowerTalk] Hazer comment
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Date: Thu Mar 20 11:38:00 2003
Steve sez:

"IMO the increase in mechanical
complexity and potential hazards introduced (including removing the guy wires
for the Hazer - shudder!) do not justify the perceived access to the top of
the tower. YMMV."

Being a  Hazer on Rohn 25 owner, I'm surprised by the "shudder".  The "prime 
from Glen Martin, is to not use over a 40' Rohn tower with the hazer system.
Given that I've seen numerous comments here where people will consider
climbing to that height unguyed, and also given that Rohn is freestanding
at that height (albeit with little or no load) I don't see the problem.
If you follow the load limits on the Hazer and use some common sense
in not cranking it up and down during a period of high wind, the system
seems well thought out and safe. Its certainly *not* mechanically
complex... a winch and a pulley and some angle stock cleverly bolted

John K5MO

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