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[TowerTalk] Hazer comment

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Hazer comment
From: (Joe - WL7M)
Date: Thu Mar 20 12:24:04 2003
May I echo John's comments.  I've used a 40 foot Rohn 25 tower with Hazer 
here in Alaska for many years - works great.  I release two guys to drop 
the antenna, then reattach them after it's down just to keep the tower 
braced.  After working on the antenna, I reverse the process.  As John 
suggests, I only work on the antenna when there is no wind.  No extra 
mechanical complexity complexity that I can see.  Crank up towers have a 
similar winch mechanism and I don't see people "shuddering" over them.  The 
tower has withstood 125 mph wind gusts and I've never had any problems with it.


At 07:34 AM 3/20/2003, wrote:

>Steve sez:
>"IMO the increase in mechanical
>complexity and potential hazards introduced (including removing the guy wires
>for the Hazer - shudder!) do not justify the perceived access to the top of
>the tower. YMMV."
>Being a  Hazer on Rohn 25 owner, I'm surprised by the "shudder".  The 
>"prime directive"
>from Glen Martin, is to not use over a 40' Rohn tower with the hazer system.
>Given that I've seen numerous comments here where people will consider
>climbing to that height unguyed, and also given that Rohn is freestanding
>at that height (albeit with little or no load) I don't see the problem.
>If you follow the load limits on the Hazer and use some common sense
>in not cranking it up and down during a period of high wind, the system
>seems well thought out and safe. Its certainly *not* mechanically
>complex... a winch and a pulley and some angle stock cleverly bolted
>John K5MO\

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