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[TowerTalk] no guy rohn 25g

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Subject: [TowerTalk] no guy rohn 25g
From: (Joe - WL7M)
Date: Thu Mar 20 14:11:32 2003
If your Hazer only lowers the antenna to within 20 feet of the ground, may 
respectfully suggest that you're doing it wrong.  Mine lowers the antenna 
to the point that I can get to it with a standard 8 foot ladder, very, very 


At 08:33 AM 3/20/2003, wrote:
>a friend of mine wb5jio, makes a system simular to the hazer but with his,
>once you are on the ground level, it will fold over. no more climbing another
>20' to work on your antenna.  his also has provisions for guys at lower

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