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[TowerTalk] not hazer

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Subject: [TowerTalk] not hazer
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Date: Thu Mar 20 16:38:04 2003
the device does in fact lower all of the way to the ground level, about 3 ft 
off of ground.  and unlike yous where you must use a ladder to still get to 
the antenna or climb the tower 8 ft, this model will tilt and is only limited 
to elements interfering with the ground.  i personally do not have one but 
have looked a 3 towers with it, great system.  a lot better than the hazers 
that i have looked at.  the builder is making one for a 100' tower that will 
still have 3 sets of guys.  of course, the building of the tower still 
requires temporary guys per ROHN guidelines
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