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[TowerTalk] Hazer (and Voyager Hazer)

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Hazer (and Voyager Hazer)
From: (Rick)
Date: Thu Mar 20 23:29:02 2003
Been a lot of comments on the Glen Martin Eng Hazer system; but I have not
seen much on the Voyager Hazer.

The Voyager is also made by Glen Martin and I elected to go with this system
on one of my towers.   The Voyager runs up a track mounted on the outside of
the tower.    The unit is raised and lowered by attaching a 1/2" electric

I am currently using the system on a 120 ft Rohn 45 tower.  The antenna is a
Force 12 modified 620/340 antenna.  It has a 47 ft boom and the 40 mtr
elements are the larger 'N' elements.  The rotor is a M squared RC2800P.

Before this antenna, I had a Force 12, 2 ele 80 mtr beam on the system.

I have been very pleased with the Voyager and it allows you to assemble the
antenna on the mast while on the ground.    To raise  it, I detach 2 of the
3 guy wires at the lowest level and then run the unit up until it clears the
first set.   The lower ones are then re-attached and the same procedure is
then used on the next set.  etc.

Dick Williams  K8ZTT
Franktown CO

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