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[TowerTalk] Contesting on a Budget - Your inputs, thanks!

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Contesting on a Budget - Your inputs, thanks!
From: (Paul Schaffenberger)
Date: Sun Mar 23 09:59:02 2003
I've gotten several great inputs so far for the May-June column, but I know 
there are more out there!  Thanks in advance for your great support of this 

Recycled Aluminum

It is often cheaper to rebuild an old beam than to buy new.  What are your 
favorite rebuilding tips? What are the best systems to rebuild?  Where do you 
find replacement parts?  Is it worth salvaging old or broken/bent systems?  How 
do you use new design software to make the ?resurrected? system even more 
capable?  What physical and durability improvements do you recommend?


Additional thoughts:  Has anyone made hybrid beams using, for example, a 
trapped reflector of one manufacturer and driven element of another.  N4BP has 
used one half of a trapped triabander driven element on his camper as a 
vertical, anyone else tried either this are a variation of this?  

Again, it is your insight and inputs that has made this column interesting and 
fun for me, and hopefully for the rest of the contest community.

Thanks again for your inputs.

Paul, K5AF
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