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[TowerTalk] hazer 4 question

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Subject: [TowerTalk] hazer 4 question
From: (kce)
Date: Sun Mar 23 12:42:41 2003
I just finished installing a hazer 4 with roller bearings on my rohn 25g
tower. I was able to test it out a bit and it really operates very smooth.
My question is about the attachment of the S- hook for the catch release, my
rotor shelf  I bracket with the catch attached is slightly blocking the hole
that the S hook attaches to. I double checked construction of this area and
it appears to have been done properly. Anybody else have this problem? It
looks like if I force the hook in the way it is its going to jam the catch
and give the hook a very short life span. I was think of just maching out a
bit of a slot in the I-bracket or Just drilling another hole for the S-hook
further back toward the tower Z brace. Any Ideas
ken w8ob

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