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[TowerTalk] 40 meter rotatable dipole

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 40 meter rotatable dipole
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Date: Mon Mar 24 20:48:24 2003
I will be putting up a 3 el SteppIR sometime in the next month.  Does anyone
have a great idea about how to add 40 meters?  I can't have much separation
so it would have to be something that can be mounted close to the SteppIR or
some kind of mod to the SteppIR itself to work on 40.  Even 5 feet of
separation is probably too much.  I am height, size, and
weight limited at the moment so a rotatable dipole is about all I can do.
Any ideas that work as well as (or better than) my inverted vee at the
same height (about 45 feet) are welcome :-)

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> If you have other antennas up, don't over look the possibility of Gamma 
> matching the boom of a monoband 20 Mtr or multiband beam. This technique has 
> been discussed by N4KG and others, I match the boom of a 204BA at 74 ft and 
> it works out GREAT.
> Bruce  AA4Z
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