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[TowerTalk] worm drives

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Subject: [TowerTalk] worm drives
From: (VE6JY Don Moman)
Date: Tue Mar 25 01:10:25 2003
With SAFETY in mind, do not always assume that a worm drive can never be
driven by the load. Not all worm drives are created equally. A low ratio
(15:1 possibly) worm can be driven by the load.  I have a couple of them
that I had used as a small winch (drum added) for antenna/tower work until I
discovered this trait first hand.  The higher ratio, typically 60:1 worms
and certainly any of the double worms are likely to break something WAY
before they will turn backwards.

73 Don

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: TowerTalk Digest, Vol 3, Issue 36

> Greg,
> There seems to be TWO types of winches that are typically supplied with
> towers.  One type is designed with SPUR GEARS and is probably the type
> caused your injury.   The second type is designed with a WORM GEAR and can
> only be driven BY the worm gear.   Spur-type winches can be driven TWO
> either by the winch handle, or, in your case, by the load.   Worm-gear
> winches can NOT be driven by the load, since the 'spur gear', the one that
> is driven by the 'worm gear', cannot drive the 'worm'...  In this design,
> ONLY the worm can drive the spur gear, but NOT the reverse.  Also, the
> worm-gear type of winch CANNOT FREE-WHEEL...  It MUST be driven by a crank
> handle, or, if the shaft is 1/2 inch diameter or less, by an electric
> motor...
> I've been specifying ONLY worm-gear winches on ANY device that requires a
> winch...  Towers, Engine Hoists, and other machines that need the
> advantage of a winch.   Telescoping towers that use WORM GEAR winches do
> require stopping blocks to hold their position.   The winch can raise or
> lower the tower to ANY height and KEEP it there by virtue of the worm/spur
> winch.
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