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Subject: [TowerTalk] Neighbors
From: (Jim White, K4OJ)
Date: Wed Mar 26 17:06:41 2003
boy this is tough - possible upside on the lower frequencies if you both 
put up decent sized towers they can be far enough apart you could share 
towers as antenna supports - a 160 meter dipole suddenly may be a 
possibility!  Hopefully the two of you live in such a direction that 
roadside to a line between your towers would be EU or some other 
population center!

I would arrange serious operating endeavours like contesting as joint 
efforts, with each of you optimizing alternate bands!

Could be fun - like anything it will be what you make of it, eh?

You are right to worry about front end overload, best to be aware of one 
another - would not recommend you be in a common pileup on a DXpedition 
with the two of you running 1500 Watts!

Have fun,

Jim, K4OJ

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Jerry K3BZ wrote:
> Last year I elmered my next door neighbor and he's a quick learner!!
> he's putting up a tower and an HF yagi... so am of course we're
> helping each other with digging holes and pouring concrete, etc.  But now
> we're wondering what sort of problems (like front end overload, etc) are
> experienced by two neighbors operating same time, same band, maybe 500 feet
> apart.  There has to be a few of you out there that have had a sililar
> situation... are there any tips or suggestions or warnings you might give?
> Jerry K3BZ
> PS... if towertalk is not the right forum for this question, please
> forgive... where should I take it?
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