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Subject: [TowerTalk] Neighbors
From: (Michael Tope)
Date: Wed Mar 26 20:02:03 2003
If you guys both use stubs and bandpass filters you won't have any
problems when on different bands (except if one guy is at an exact
harmonic of the other). In fact, you may not even need the filters and
stubs with 500' spacing. For the case where you are both on the
same band, you maybe too close together. It really depends on how
clean your rigs are. If you can run a couple of pieces of RG-6 between
your QTH's, you can each provide the other with a sample of your RF
signal and then use a MFJ-1026 or similar circuit to null each other
out at your respective receiver inputs. I haven't had a chance to try
this, but in principle it should work.

Good Luck!

Mike, W4EF................

using a phasing technique.
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Subject: [TowerTalk] Neighbors

> Last year I elmered my next door neighbor and he's a quick
> he's putting up a tower and an HF yagi... so am of course we're
> helping each other with digging holes and pouring concrete, etc.  But now
> we're wondering what sort of problems (like front end overload, etc) are
> experienced by two neighbors operating same time, same band, maybe 500
> apart.  There has to be a few of you out there that have had a sililar
> situation... are there any tips or suggestions or warnings you might give?
> Jerry K3BZ
> PS... if towertalk is not the right forum for this question, please
> forgive... where should I take it?
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